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Declawing is amputation.  And that is a fact. When you declaw a cat, you physically remove the nail and a part of his toes. It involves a very painful surgery and recovery period and alters the alignment of his spine. Some cats’ personalities and behaviors change as a result of this painful surgery. Did you know that declawing is banned in cities like New York, and many countries have entirely banned the procedure.  If you are considering declawing you cat, please read this first!


Poisonous Plants

Did you know that Easter Lilies are highly toxic to cats?  Keeping your pet safe in and around your house is your job as a responsible pet owner.  Please consult these resources before bringing plants inside your home!
Anti Cruelty Society – Toxic Plants to Cats
Dogs too!!
Humane Society – Toxic Plants for Dogs and Cats

Spaying & Neutering

Controlling the birthrate of unwanted dogs and cats is the single most important component in achieving a No Kill policy in all shelters across the United States.  Not having a pet spayed or neutered leads to overpopulation and, as a result, leads to more unwanted and homeless cats and dogs.  Please read more about spaying and neutering.

Humane Society – Ending Pet Homelessness

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